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Could your Next Shower be a Closed Loop Shower?

By Rise
Sep 7, 2017

A few months back, we covered Nebia, a shower head that has impeccable water savings - it’s here, and folks can buy one today for about $400 (USD). This showerhead atomizes the water to deliver a different shower experience while producing over 70% water savings and a healthy dose of energy savings. 

These great water-saving showerheads are all well and good, but what if we rethought the shower system as a whole within the home? 

The shower system of today has one or multiple flows of warm water, and once that water is used, it ends up down the drain. A couple of companies have come up with ingenious ways of making the shower system into a closed loop. What does that mean?

What Is a Closed Loop Shower?

Closed-loop showers start with a defined amount of water and recycle its flow repeatedly, adding smaller amounts of warm water at specific intervals. This process delivers a great showering experience that doesn’t feel like you’re under the gun to get out of there quickly. It also means you can have water fixtures that deliver a very high flow, as much as 4 gallons per minute, without any guilt. 

Orbital Systems and Flow Loop Closed Loop Shower Systems

Orbital Systems and Flow Loop are the companies that are pioneering this new shower system. Orbital charges $3,995 (USD) for their system today, and Flow Loop is currently in development with an aim to deliver a similar product at a lower price point. 

Orbital Systems Closed Loop Shower Systems
Orbital Systems Closed Loop Shower Systems

If you think $4k a hefty price to pay  - Orbital says $1,100 (USD) in savings per year are at stake, so making that investment back could be a breeze depending on your water and energy rates. 

It should also be noted both companies have thought through the retrofit vs new build scenario - with offerings for both homeowners. 

All this to say - there is tremendous merit in this type of product - while it reduces the amount of waste, lowers your footprint, and gives your wallet a break, it also improves the overall experience of showering.  

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