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Historica - Repurposing Heritage Buildings never looked so good.

Stunning Heritage Development meets Efficiency in New Brunswick

By Rise
Mar 28, 2017

Keith Brideau is a special breed. Property developer and President of Historica Developments, he's made the aging heritage buildings of Saint John, New Brunswick his bread and butter. Discovering the potential in aging architecture and turning it into beautiful and comfortable living spaces is admirable. And he's done this fantastically well, with many of these buildings becoming modern multi-units that have kept that historical brick and beam charm. If you've been to New Brunswick's Port City lately, chances are you've been witness to Historica's handiwork.

historica living room

What's even more fascinating about these historic preservation projects is how Keith has been able to make these spaces into efficient homes, with considerations for sustainable building products and techniques along the way. And that isn't always easy considering the age of some of these buildings. Repurposing buildings or adaptive reuse is an art in of itself; adding to this the comforts of efficient thermal insulation and updated heating (among others) goes a long way in bringing these structures into the 21st century.

historica 3

Historica's latest project, Park Place, is home to several well-known businesses and 14 gorgeous loft apartments. For homeowners, these units have the charm of historic Saint John, modern/minimal aesthetics, and efficiency in mind - what's not to love?

Historica 2

We gush over these types of projects because they give a new lease on life to often neglected properties. Being able to reuse much of a building's components while diverting as many materials from the landfill is how successful execution is measured. Historica is a great example of a company that has managed to balance the beauty of yesteryear's architecture while incorporating top notch future-proofing materials that will take these buildings into the next century and beyond.

historica kitchen cupboards


Historical large living room windows

Why We Love it

  • 12,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps
  • Low-E Wood-framed Windows
  • Ceiling Insulation: Rigid Board 6 inch Polyiso
  • Use of Motion Censors in common areas
  • LED Lighting throughout
historica staircase
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