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IBS 2020 Deep Dive Podcast Series

By Rise
Feb 4, 2020

Rise partnered with the Art of Construction podcast at the 2020 International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas to record a deep dive series with 5 industry experts to uncover their vision for sustainability in the building industry. The Art of Construction is the #1 rated podcast for contractors and architects. It is hosted by the always fun Devon Tilly who has been recognized nationally for his innovation and creativity within the building industry. 

alaina money-garman

Alaina Money-Garman

Alaina is the founder and CEO of Garman Homes and Fresh Paint by Garman Homes. She is known for her award-winning blog, Build Like a Girl which started as a place to share her adventure as a salesperson trying to learn how to build a home. Alaina was named to Professional’s Builder’s list of 40 under 40 in 2015 and has also been named Builder of the Year twice by the Home Builders Association of Durham Orange Chatham County and as the first female recipient of the award by the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake. 

garman homes

Aliana has been making waves in the industry for years. She is determined to make things easier for homeowners and eliminate the stress that comes with the million decisions that are needed when building a house. As for sustainable or “green features”, those are already built-in, since Garman Homes is a bronze level NAHB Green Standards member and also receives other 3rd party verifications.

"If there is a bar out there, and you are under it, then you shouldn’t be here."

Alaina has continuously been innovating her companies and can now offer more houses on less land to give even more value to the consumer. They can package in green features that will provide homeowners with a more significant return on their investment, and move the dial towards a more sustainable home.

Listen to the full episode here to hear Alain’s insights into what the future holds for sustainable homebuilding!

Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins is the President of MGO Systems. Scott joined the MGO team in 2018 after 11 years with DIRTT Environmental Solutions. During Scott’s tenure at DIRTT, he was a key part of the leadership team that saw sales increase from $20.5 million in 2006 to $297 million in 2017 and led DIRTT’s successful initial public offering (IPO) on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2013.

MGO’s engineered wall systems provide superior fire rating, water resistance, insulation value, and acoustic performance — all with a pre-fabricated solution that is efficient, cost-effective, healthy, and sustainable.

MGO Systems
"For too long, the buildings in which we live, work, heal, and play, have been built to minimum standards, affecting safety, quality, health, and sustainability."

Scott talks more about MGO’s Engineered Wall System, and the importance of materials used when building a sustainable home. 

Listen to the full episode here!

Todd Gamboa

Todd Gamboa

Todd is the President of Building Trust LLC and is a building science expert and has been in the building industry for more than 30 years managing private and public homebuilding companies. Todd has educated thousands of homebuilders, architects, contractors, code officials, appraisers, and REALTORS® across the country.

todd gamboa podcast

Todd talks about why sustainable building is so important and the new trends in high-performance home building that he is most excited about.

"Healthier, more sustainable homes are not just about saving a bit of money in energy bills, or rescuing a couple trees. It's about an entirely new lifestyle; a healthier way of being."

Listen to the full episode here!

doug asano

Doug Asano

Doug Asano is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Huber Engineered Woods LLC and leads a team of over 100 sales and marketing professionals.  Doug is a member of Huber’s senior leadership team and is responsible for developing and implementing Huber’s sales, marketing, and channel strategies as well as building strong customer relationships.  Doug takes a very hands-on approach visiting with many builders, architects, and lumber dealers throughout the year to talk about how Huber can address their needs and further build upon the success of the AdvanTech and ZIP System product lines.

huber engineered woods

Last year, Rise featured a net-positive home built in Georgia, where extreme humidity and mold growth can cause huge problems. It was noted that Huber’s ZIP System® R-sheathing was identified and used as the perfect material for insulation on this home. Doug talks more about the ZIP system and why it’s something builders and homeowners should be paying attention to.

"As with many other sustainable products, using them requires updating the way you build, and for many contractors embracing change is hard....it is extremely necessary if you don't want to be left behind."

Listen to the full episode here!

eric goranson

Eric Goranson

Eric is a kitchen and bath design/sales professional with 25 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry. He is the host of Around the House podcast and a regular contributor to numerous outlets. Eric gave six talks in the High-Performance Zone at IBS 2020, including one called “Building a Healthier Home: How to Put Buyers at Ease and Set Yourself Apart”.

eric goranson

Eric talks about why buyer education is so important, and how homebuilders can use it to create a competitive advantage. He also talks about how smart energy monitoring systems have the power to truly make every home more sustainable.

"Not only do these systems ensure you're getting the maximum ROI from your energy-saving products, but it also keeps homes at conditions for optimal health."
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