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Breathtaking Views for this Off-Grid Home in New Hampshire

Off-Grid Home in New Hampshire With Breathtaking Views

By Rise
Mar 28, 2017

Stunning aesthetics aside, this New Hampshire home makes us envious for so many reasons!

Its unusual “upside-down” layout allows it to capture beautiful views and lots of sun - the main living spaces are on the upper floor, with large floor-to-ceiling windows for daylighting.

helios design off grid exterior large windows

Best of all, this home is completely off-grid, as main roads and utilities aren't close by. Equipped with solar panels and a geothermal system, the home has everything it needs to be self-sufficient. Heating during ski season is supplemented by a wood burning fireplace. The house was also insulated with a hefty dose of closed-cell spray foam, and an additional layer of rigid foam board insulation on the exterior walls. The standing roof seam metal roof provides for long-lasting durability and easy snow dispersal.

helios design off grid staircase

The living, dining, and kitchen are in one large open space with dramatic 11 1⁄2 foot ceilings. The kitchen really stands out, and has a single wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and is otherwise open, with strong materials: brushed raw steel refrigerator, navy blue glass wall tile, extensive mahogany countertops, and open shelving at the cooktop wall. The raw steel and reclaimed pine table was custom built for the house.

helios design off grid exterior side

The kids’ bedrooms are located on the lower level. There, you'll also find a large mudroom and entry for coats, scarves, skis, etc. The contemporary staircase was made with raw steel and reclaimed pine treads.

helios design off grid exterior views

Why We Love it

  • 30-panel Solar array
  • Passive Solar Advantages
  • High degree of Insulation: Spray foam and rigid foam board.
helios design off grid kitchen and dining chairs


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