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rammed earth home additio in Wyoming

Rammed Earth Home Addition Blends into Wyoming Countryside

By Nicole JewellRise Writer
Sep 18, 2017

Using rammed earth to create solid structures is a technique that literally goes back centuries. However, in modern-day architecture, rammed earth is making a comeback not only for its sustainable and resilient features but also for the attractive “earthy” character that goes along with the rammed earth aesthetic.

rammed earth wyoming exterior

Architects and homeowners alike are warming up to rammed earth construction thanks to the natural material’s many advantages such as superior thermal mass, temperature and noise control, and durability. It’s also a relatively affordable material that lends a lot of versatility to any project.

rammed earth wyoming addition exterior view

One example of using rammed earth to create a beautifully sustainable building is this 500- square-foot home addition in Jackson, Wyoming, referred to as the Trader Studio. Wyoming-based architectural firm, Carney Logan Burke, created the structure based on the wishes of the homeowners who were looking to build a space that would blend into the surrounding landscape, but stand out from their very traditional log cabin house. The studio would be used as a “contemplative” area to enjoy the views as well as a space to incorporate their art collection.

rammed earth wyoming office

To create a unique structure, the architects used rammed earth to construct the south and east walls of the structure. Starting with a wooden framework, dense layers of soil were packed into the frame until solid wall walls were formed.

rammed earth wyoming office desk

The earth-toned walls of the studio interior are enhanced with bronze-clad windows, bonderized steel walls, and a copper ceiling. This strategic combination achieved the homeowner’s wish that although they were looking for something fairly subtle, the new addition would have its own singular identity apart from the main home.

rammed earth wyoming office

Located on a butte overlooking Jackson Hole, the structure’s earth tones bring a calm, natural feel to the design, embedding it seamlessly into the picturesque surroundings. The welcoming interior is illuminated by natural light thanks to a glazed wall to the north as well as multiple horizontal slot windows carved into the earthen walls.

rammed earth wyoming exterior

Undoubtedly located in an idyllic setting, Wyoming is also known for its harsh winters. Using rammed earth for this project ensures that the building will have a high thermal mass, providing thick insulation for cold winter months, as well as adding longevity and resiliency to the stunning building.

rammed earth wyoming exterior night


  • Built in 2012-2013
  • Square footage: 500 sq. ft.
  • Home addition

Why We Love it

  • Rammed Earth walls
  • Natural Light
  • Copper Materials
rammed earth wyoming backyard view
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