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Rehab Addict for the Planet: Matt Daigle on The Hero Factor Podcast

By Mika Solway Editor-in-Chief
Mar 20, 2020

Jeffrey Hayzlett, the host of the podcast "The Hero Factor," is a global business celebrity. He was the Chief Marketing Officer of the Eastman Kodak Company has bought and sold over 250 businesses in the course of his career.   

About the Podcast

Hayzlett believes that a great story lies behind every great company; that mass movements are created not by products themselves, but by the meaning behind them. Through his podcast, he hopes to inspire each listener to find their own Hero Factor.  

Why We Like the Podcast

In the podcast, launched in January 2019, Jeffrey interviews inspirational leaders from around the world. The Hero Factor covers a wide range of topics. These include talking with guests about what authenticity means to them. About how people are the difference-maker in their organizations and how to shift employees' mindsets away from always answering "no" so that they become the best employee they can be.

The Rise team is excited to follow Jeffrey's series to continue to learn about exciting companies and how they are making an impact.

What's on the Podcast

In this episode of The Hero Factor Podcast, Hayzlett aptly calls our Founder and CEO Matt Daigle, a "rehab addict for the planet." Matt talks with Hayzlett about his journey into sustainability in his own life and the founding of Rise.

"At Rise, we want to demystify the theory that to be green or sustainable, that you have to pay more. You don't know what you don't know. That's a lot of the reason why we exist."

They discuss the value of looking at the total cost of ownership of a house or a given product, rather than the upfront price. And, they talk about the environmental benefits of repurposing building materials, rather than always buying new.

"Homeowners are changing what really matters to them. Is it high-end finishes, or is it investing more in the structure and envelope of the home and what it is actually made of?"

Hayzlett asks Matt what drove him to make Rise a B Corp, and they discuss the importance of people and the environment and how this led him to join 1% For The Planet.

Listen to the full episode here!

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Mika Solway