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Rise on Green Building Matters Podcast

By Rise
Nov 28, 2019

The Green Building Matters podcast is hosted by Charlie Cichetti, who is a leader in the green building industry. Charlie leads two companies that hold sustainability leadership as core values: the Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) and Green Building Education Services (GBES). Charlie is also one of the first professionals to hold ALL of the new LEED credentials and has led many projects to LEED Gold. The podcast interviews inspiring leaders from the industry and nonprofit leaders across the built environment. 

Why we like the podcast

The Green Building Matters podcast fuels the fire of those that are passionate about building sustainably. We are big fans of LEED, and Charlie can speak to how great progress has been made on the commercial side of things, especially when it comes to standards such as LEED. But what about in the residential sector? Homeowners need to know that you don’t have to compromise to have a more sustainable home. Sustainability is the path forward, and the time is now for everyone to make changes that can have an impact on the environment. 

"Sustainability is the path forward. It’s not a trend."

What’s on the podcast

In this episode of the Green Building Matters podcast, host Charlie Cichetti talks with Rise CEO Matt Daigle about why homeowners need to focus on the small changes they can make, and where the future of sustainable homes are going.

When it comes to making your home more sustainable, Matt mentions that anything that can help alleviate the electricity load or maximize the efficiency of your house, that is where you should start. Some low-cost tips include caulking your windows or switching to LED lights. 

When it comes to more significant budget items, a lot of people immediately think of solar panels, but Matt talks about why you may not want to start there. 

When you can tell people that they’re going to save money by switching to specific products and they are also sustainable and healthier for your family, it’s a win-win-win situation. Attitudes are changing in general, and building codes are making progress. Other countries, like Ireland, for example, have made Passive House the basic building code. When you build those codes into the DNA of how you build a home, it’s setting everyone up for success. 

Listen to the full episode here!

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