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Rise on Green Dreamer Podcast

By Rise
Jan 9, 2020

The term Green Dreamer is described as “one who is dreaming of a biodiverse and thriving planet to call home and yearning to realize a world of social harmony and holistic wellness for all”. The term was coined by Kamea Chayne, who is also the host of the Green Dreamer podcast. The diverse range of guests on the podcast include actor-entrepreneur Adrian Grenier of Lonely Whale Foundation; Kate Williams of 1% For the Planet; hip hop artist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Earth Guardians; Dr. Marcus Eriksen of 5 Gyres Institute; Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home; Orsola de Castro of Fashion Revolution; Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm; soil microbiologist Dr. Kris Nichols; and more.

Why we like the podcast

The Green Dreamer podcast is for those people that are looking to live a more fulfilling life and who are dreaming of a thriving planet. In each episode, they discuss how sustainability is intersectional to all areas of our lives. You could say that Rise is a Green Dreamer as we continue our quest for everyone to have a more healthy, comfortable, durable, and sustainable home. 

What’s on the podcast

In this episode of the Green Dreamer Podcast, Matt and Kamea talk about product greenwashing and what to watch out for when you see a product claim to be “100% green”, along with how consumers and homeowners are wanting more control over what goes into their home and are making better buying decisions. 

"The more educated you are on any topic, the better results you’re going to get—regardless if it’s home improvement or anything else in life. The more research we can do and the more informed we can be, the more decision power we will have."

Matt talks about some home improvement tips that can fit every budget. Even if you're renting or leasing a place, there are still improvements you can do to make your space more comfortable and healthy. 

"Your home is probably your number one purchase you're going to make in your life, so make sure it counts and that your money is going in the right places."

Listen to the full episode here!

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