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Rise on Specified Podcast

By Rise
Nov 20, 2019

The Specified podcast by Tatsuya (Tats) Nakagawa from Castagra Products, Inc, aims to help entrepreneurs and innovators who are making a positive difference in the building, coatings, and construction industry. In each episode, Tats interviews leaders and experts within and outside of the building industry to gain insight into what has helped them grow their business and the mental tools and skills that have enabled them to succeed. 

Why we like the podcast

Tats is an expert on innovation and marketing. He is the co-founder of Castagra Products, with one of their leading products being Ecodur, a VOC-free roof coating that takes on the harshest conditions. It offers a solution that is less harmful to the environment while meeting and exceeding the technological and commercial requirements for their clients. Some of the top companies in the world use Ecodur and has been voted top “Greenvention” by the entrepreneur reality show Dragon’s Den.

Tats believes that technologies that are inspired and derived from nature are the future, so it was only natural for Matt and Tats to cross paths. They both share a passion for selling with integrity and making a positive difference through their respective companies. 

What’s on the podcast

In this episode of Specified, Tats talks with Matt about how Rise started with a small group of individuals with the skills and determination of a full development team, some adventurous and passionate investors, and a business plan. The Rise team has since more than doubled in size, and earlier this year, the company became a certified B Corp

"Making business decisions that benefit people, the planet, and profits just makes good sense for everyone. I’m a firm believer that it is the future of business, not only because it makes sense, but because our world needs it. I’m incredibly proud of our team for making this vision a reality."

In terms of tools that have helped Rise grow, Matt talks about the importance of social media to connect with their audience and increase their brand awareness. He talks about how SEO is a priority for the content team and how they utilize Google Lighthouse to the maximum. Matt also talks about how Rise does not include any ads to maintain objectivity and trust with its userbase. 

Listen to the full episode here

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