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Save money with a clothesline

Air Drying your clothes is all about money and health!

By Rise
Apr 28, 2017

Sunny summer days are ripe with an opportunity: money-saving opportunity that is.

When it comes to clothes drying, there are a few more options out there today than there was ten years ago. Energy Star Dryers have become mainstream - they save on average about 20% of energy over standard models. But it goes without saying that dryers can be energy hogs.

While there are now multiple types of dryers out there (electric clothes dryers, heat pump clothes dryers, ventless clothes dryers), our favorite and recommended method for drying clothes is old school as it comes - clotheslines and clothes racks for the win.

So how much money are you really saving? Well if your average electricity rate is at 15 cents per kilowatt-hour, it averages out to about 50 cents per drying load. Average four loads of laundry per week, and you’re looking at just over $100 in savings per year. Add in the impact of an exercising parent with a toddler who gets muddy and a baby that spits up constantly, and you could double that total.

Spinoff benefits of Air Drying your Clothes

The benefits of air drying, whether on a clothesline or on a rack, aren’t always obvious either, there are hidden costs to using a clothes dryer - think of the many items you’ve lost to your clothes dryer over the years. Whether shrinking of your favorite t-shirt, or color transfers to your favorite white socks…it adds up!

Air drying, in general, keeps clothes young. And for anyone who disagrees, try a little vinegar in your clothes washer rinse cycle - it does wonders and acts as a natural laundry softener (and without any added smell).

Another added benefit is the sun's impact on your clothes. The sun naturally disinfects and whitens your clothing. The sun's UV rays will disinfect your damp laundry by reacting with oxygen dissolved in the water to produce reactive forms of oxygen that kill microorganisms. UV from the sun also interferes with the reproduction cycle of bacteria by damaging their DNA.

The other consideration is time (some may think it’s too time-consuming to do this) - when you have it down to a science, you should be able to hang a load in two to three minutes (oh yeah, we calculated). Some people also say this can be very relaxing, a time to take a step back, take in a nice sunny day. We can all use a bit more of that.

For even more info on ways to dry clothes - check out Rise’s detailed product pages on Clothes Drying.

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