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solar paint

Solar Paint is a Thing, and it's Coming...

By Rise
Jul 11, 2017

Okay, I guess you can technically call it ‘solar paint’, but it’s more like hydrogen fuel-producing paint.
This innovation in paint and renewable electricity generation, out of RMIT University, is a sunlight-absorbing paint that produces hydrogen (used as fuel) simply from solar energy and humidity in the air.
So if you thought Tesla’s solar roof was cool, just wait until you’re literally able to paint anything, a fence, a deck, a house - and use that for electricity generation.
This is one innovation we can’t wait to see to come to fruition. And although it might be a bit early to chat about availability (they’re about five years away from commercialization), what you really need to know is that we will see this kind of innovation in our lifetime, and if it delivers on its promise, it will inevitably play a huge role in powering our homes and paving the way to a much more renewable future.

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