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Sourcing sustainable wood products

The Best Place to Easily Source and Discard Sustainable Wood Products

By Rise
Jul 11, 2017

Well look at what we have here - the North American guide to wood reuse for home building! And it's available at reusewood.org.

What does that mean for you? It means, this is an amazing place to start looking for wood materials that score much higher on the sustainability scale than your average hardware store lumbers.

It also means, this is a great place to also take any existing materials (perhaps from a reno project) that can either be reused and/or transformed into other wood products, instead of the landfill alternative.

Just pick your location and search radius and start exploring the various types of wood products that are near you - from wood doors, to heavy timber, to engineered flooring - Reusewood is a resource homeowners and contractors should think about consulting before any home improvement project!

Reusewood lumber search
Search on reusewood.org to start searching for wood products near you.

About Reusewood 

reusewood.org was formed by a collaboration between the American Wood Council, the Canadian Wood Council, and the Building Materials Reuse Association.

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