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Learn about Biomass Heater

Biomass Heater

Biomass heaters use solid plant or animal-derived material for combustion to heat a home.

Biomass heating solutions include wood stoves and pellet stoves, and also stoves fueled with other less common materials like corn, rice husks, sugar cane stalks, animal dung, and other dry or solid carbon-based materials. Biomass heaters come in a variety of forms including masonry heaters, rocket stoves, and regular stoves.

Biomass heaters can be very sustainable, especially by making use of renewable fuels from local sources or waste streams. Some biomass heaters are very efficient, like rocket stoves and masonry heaters.

Millions of tonnes of rice husk fuel are produced from rice milling operations in Cambodia and the Philippines. These rice husks, formerly a waste material that was often burned or dumped in landfills, are now used by thousands of households as fuel in clean-burning stoves.