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Learn about Electric Thermal Storage

Electric Thermal Storage

Electric Thermal Storage is a system that stores electric heat during the night when rates are lower, and releases the heat throughout the day. This doesn't save energy overall, but it can save you money based on the difference in power rates between day and night.

Check whether your area and electric utility offer time-of-use electricity rate plans. These rate plans allow you to take advantage of lower-cost electricity to store heat at certain times. Most ETS units are a large-size room heater and very heavy, so consider where it will be located in your house to make the best use of the heat. Typically set along a wall in an open area like a living room can be a good location. And if you don't use electric heat now, check whether a large ETS unit will require an upgrade to your electrical service, because that could add to the installation cost.

More advanced systems in some areas can control the loading of heat in 15-minute intervals, to take advantage of abundant wind power when it may be available on the electricity network at lower prices.

Using electric thermal storage units was first encouraged by the UK Electricity Boards in the 1960s, to find a way to use more electricity at night, when demand typically dropped and power plants could not easily be idled down.