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Learn about Cast-Iron Radiator

Cast-Iron Radiator

Cast iron radiators are heat distribution systems that heat with hot water that flows through large, heavy vessels made of cast iron. Cast iron is an excellent heat conductor. Hot water or hot steam travels through the radiator and heats up. As the metal gets warmer, the surrounding air heats up, as well.

Cast iron radiators aren’t common in new construction but can be purchased used, refurbished, or brand new from a specialty manufacturer.

Cast iron radiators are an efficient source of heat thanks to their high surface area and low-temperature water requirements. They heat up slowly but stay hot for a long time, allowing heat to radiate into your home even after you have shut off the heat source. A cast iron radiator in good shape won't harm your indoor air quality, and it can be a long-lasting, durable appliance for your home.

Despite their age and draw-backs, cast iron radiators are considered so beautiful and unique that a new market for salvaged or specially manufactured units has emerged. Homeowners looking for a vintage look can find many options online but should look for local options to keep their footprint low.