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Learn about Clay Paint

Clay Paint

Clay paints are made by mixing clay and pigments to create a beautiful interior surface that can simulate the look of plaster or stucco. Sometimes other materials such as cellulose, alcohol or oils are also included in the recipe to enhance the strength or other properties of the clay paint.

Clay paints can be made onsite with local materials, but they are also made by larger manufactures and sold commercially. They may be sold in powder form to be mixed with water.

They can be applied over most surfaces, including plasters, drywall, concrete, stone and existing coats of paint. For high-impact areas, a glazing can be applied over clay paint to make it more abrasion resistant. They should not be applied in areas that get frequently exposed to water, like around sinks and showers in a bathroom.

Clay paints are made of non-toxic, VOC-free, natural materials. They can also be made using locally sourced materials!

Clay plasters are one of the oldest wall finishing materials. They were even used to coat the walls of early Egyptian tombs!