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Clothes Washer

These clothes washers have greater tub capacity requiring fewer loads, as well as technologies that don't require the whole tub to fill with water to wash (spin or flip through a stream of water instead). Washers manufactured prior to 2003 are significantly less efficient than these models.

Check for the Energy Star label, and look for the yellow EnerGuide Label for most efficient models. Bigger isn't always better, it just means more energy. Look for something that isn't too big, but not so small as to require many more loads.

Models with a high IMEF factor (Integrated Modified Energy Factor), and a low IWF (Integrated Water Factor) save more energy and use less water. Front-loaders are typically better-performance, but top-loaders are catching up. With a top-loader, avoid models with a central agitator, because it's harder on your clothes.

A new Energy Star washer saves you a lot, especially on water consumption. It also washes effectively with less laundry detergent. Bonus - they spin faster, so the clothes come out relatively dry, which means savings of time and money at the drying stage. These clothes are easy to hang dry, or will take less time in the dryer. Extra tip: Washing in cold or cool water saves a significant amount of energy in your water heater.