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Learn about Composite or Engineered Siding

Composite or Engineered Siding

Engineered wood siding is made from wood products like sawdust glued together with bonding agents. It gives a look like wood siding and typically lasts between 20-30 years. Composite siding is similar, but can be made from plastic.

Find out what material the composite is made from, whether there is recycled content or whether it is recyclable. Consider the longevity and long-term maintenance needs of the various available types of siding.

Engineered wood siding can be made from a waste material such as sawdust. It is strong, lightweight, and cost-effective.

Plywood, the earliest form of engineered wood, was considered an essential material during World War II in Britain. Plywood was the main construction material of the "Wooden Wonder", the de Havilland Mosquito fighter/bomber aircraft, flown by the British Royal Air Force.