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Learn about Copper Siding

Copper Siding

Sheets of flat, seamed, or tiled copper used as cladding for a wall. Copper is a soft metal that starts off, well, copper-colored, and gradually its surface develops a film of green copper oxide, like the roofs of many cathedrals and parliament buildings. Copper siding is available for use on homes, and gives a distinctive look.

Copper siding is a specialty product chosen in high-end homes, due to a higher up-front cost. Look for sheet metal suppliers and installers that offer copper and have samples of their copper work.

Copper is a pure metal that is protected by its natural oxide sheen, so it can last many decades. When it is finally dismantled, copper is completely recyclable into new copper products, like copper pipes, wires, or new copper siding.

Because copper is a valuable and easily-recycled metal, an estimated 2/3 of the mass of copper in new architectural panels is from recycled copper.