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Learn about Energy Star Exterior Door

Energy Star Exterior Door

Energy star doors are exterior doors designed to reduce heat flow and are built to the Energy Star standard for your climate.

Check for the Energy Star label.

For an entry door to be Energy Star certified it must be manufactured by an Energy Star partner, independently tested by the NFRC, and verified to meet the EPA’s strict energy efficiency guidelines.

Energy Star exterior doors typically have a polyurethane foam core and can be clad with wood, vinyl, steel or fiberglass. They are made to fit tightly into the frame and have weather stripping or magnetic seals to reduce airflow. Window inserts contain double or triple-pane insulated glass.

The largest doors in the world are at the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, in Florida, USA, where the space shuttles and the Apollo rockets were built. The four doors are each 465 feet tall so that the completed space vehicles can be moved out the doors in a vertical orientation.