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Learn about Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated Metal Roof

Roofing material made of metal, typically galvanized steel with an enamel coating in a variety of colours.

<p>Is the pitch of your roof sufficiently steep for metal roofing? Note that corrugated metal roofing should typically be installed on a sloped roof, with a pitch of at least 2 in 12. And when choosing a colour, light colours will save more energy on air conditioning in the heat of summer, and decrease your contribution to the urban heat island effect, by reflecting away more sunlight.

Metal roofs are durable, completely recyclable, and fire resistant. Many metal roofs can earn an Energy Star rating based on their reflectivity factor (rather than absorbing sunlight like a conventional asphalt roof), which decreases summer overheating and air condition energy consumption. This type of roofing will perform even better when installed with an air space in behind to promote ventilation.

Corrugated metal, originally called corrugated galvanized iron (CGI), and also called "wiggly tin" in UK military slang, was invented in Britain in the 1820s by Henry Robinson Palmer, an architect and engineer with the London Dock Company.