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Learn about Countertop Water Filter

Countertop Water Filter

Countertop water filters can filter various toxins from your drinking water, including cadmium, chlorine, copper, benzene, lead, mercury, VOCs, and zinc. In comparison to under the sink and whole house purification, countertop water filters are the cheapest option! Countertop water filters can range from pitchers to dispensers and faucet mounts. Always choose the correct product to best filter the water toxins that specifically affect your home.

You are going to want to look for countertop water filters that fit your specific needs. For example, if your home needs a water softener, finding a product to achieve that would be the best option. Every home is unique and will require a specific countertop water filter. Once you have determined which filtration system your home needs, be sure to find a product that will fit your countertop. There are plenty of products made to install in minutes and comfortably fit most standard kitchen faucets. Finally, look for products that have been certified by independent third-party bodies for filtration standards, such as NSF International (NSF) or American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This additional certification proves that the product can be trusted and is often comes with a limited warranty.

Countertop water filters do not necessarily make a home more sustainable. When purchasing countertop water filters, you must consider that they also produce a certain level of waste to replace filters regularly. The primary purpose of water filters is to protect the household from targeted toxins found in local water systems.

A home water filtration system is less expensive and better for the environment than buying bottled water.