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Learn about Drain Water Heat Recovery

Drain Water Heat Recovery

A Drain Water Heat Recovery System is a heat exchanger that captures waste heat from water that has already been used to shower, wash dishes or wash clothes and transfers it to preheat the cold water entering a water heater. They consist of a copper pipe wound around a vertical section of drain pipe.

Drain Water Heat Recovery units can vary from 2 to 6 feet of drain pipe length. More heat exchange can occur over a longer section of drain pipe, but sometimes the amount of available space will limit the length of the unit.

In new contruction, it is important to consider the plumbing layout during the design phase to ensure enough room. For retrofits, sometimes these systems are impractical if there is no vertical section of drainpipe or if the drain pipe is inaccessible.

Systems should be installed by a qualified plumbing or heating contractor.

Can cut your hot water energy bill by up to 40%, saving electricity, gas, or oil and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions by simply recovering energy that would have been otherwise wasted!

Energy consumed for hot water heating typically accounts for 20-25% of household energy consumption.