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Learn about EV Charger

EV Charger

Commonly known as an 'EV charger' or 'Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE)', they supply power to charge your electric vehicle. They come in three speeds – slow (Level 1), medium (Level 2), and fast (Level 3, or DC Fast Charger).

For faster charging at your home, you will want to install a Level 2 EVSE. Here is a description of each ESVE level:

When you're planning a longer trip, also look online for maps of public Level 2 and Level 3 EVSE's where you can charge up along the way. A Level 3 EVSE can charge your car up to 80% full in about 20 minutes, while Level 2 will take a few hours.

Electric vehicles are dramatically more energy efficient than combustion (gasoline or diesel) vehicles. Switching from gasoline or diesel to an EV can cut your greenhouse gas emissions substantially, especially if the electricity you use is from renewable, low-emission sources like hydroelectricity, wind, and solar. The operating costs of an EV are also much lower.

Electric automobiles have been around since the 1830s. Now, in the 21st century they are making a resurgence as battery technology improves and concern about fossil fuels grows.