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Learn about Exterior Air Sealing Tape

Exterior Air Sealing Tape

Exterior Air Sealing Tape helps create a continuous building envelope barrier assuring a home is more airtight by preventing air and water from passing through. This type of tape improves a home's energy efficiency through continuous sealing and also reduces or eliminates dust and noise.

This type of adhesive sealing tape is a necessary component to achieve an airtight building envelope, high-performance energy efficiency standards, and energy performance levels dictated by building codes.

Air sealing tapes are one of the highest return-on-investment and cost-effective building envelope products. Through continuous sealing of a building's envelope, builders can control and prevent well-known air leak issues that contribute to increased heating and cooling costs, moisture, drafts, and even unwanted noise.

Remember, it's not just building control layer seams that require tape. Everything that penetrates a wall also requires tape. While exterior air sealing tapes are versatile, selecting a manufactured tape explicitly for its intended application is essential. Not all tapes are created equal, and tapes may be manufactured using specific materials or adhesives to increase performance, durability, and adhesion.

Creating a continuous barrier by properly air sealing a home reduces not only heating and cooling costs, but overall system requirements.

Buildings account for 40% of all energy usage in North America. Of that 40%, the heating and cooling of a building use roughly 40%. If we were to mandate airtightness in building codes, combined with proper mechanical ventilation, our building portfolio would be healthier, more energy-efficient, and dramatically reduce the amount of energy our buildings consume.