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Learn about Graphite Polystyrene Board Insulation

Graphite Polystyrene Board Insulation

Graphite polystyrene rigid insulation is a type of rigid board insulation. Made with polystyrene and embedded high purity graphite, this type of rigid insulation is 20% thinner than other rigid insulation. Due to the use of graphite, the rigid board insulation material is silver-gray in color. The graphite particles help to reflect and absorb radiant energy. This serves to increase the insulation value, or R-value while preserving the performance typical with other forms of rigid foam insulation.

When purchasing Graphite polystyrene rigid insulation look to compare each options ability to reduces thermal conductivity and the known increase in R-value. In North America, look for products with GreenGuard, . Many of these labels indicate the product’s chemical and particle emissions under typically product use.

The molding process often uses steam, which leads to a lower-energy manufacturing process. The water can also be captured and reused. GPS’s relatively high R-value per inch allows it to perform as an insulator with less material when compared to traditional polystyrene boards.

Graphite polystyrene rigid insulation is sold under the brand name Neopor and is patented and manufactured by BASF - the largest chemical company in the world.