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Learn about Home Ventilation System

Home Ventilation System

Ventilation systems are mechanical air systems in homes and buildings that bring in fresh outdoor air and reduce or remove indoor air contaminants.

Look for systems that remove or reduce excess moisture, musty odors, harmful molds, unhealthy indoor air, dangerous contaminants and gases. Ventilation systems that are HVI accredited have been tested by a third party to ensure air flow and noise levels meet rigorous testing standards and that the manufacturer claim(s) are verified.

It's important to have an installer size your home for the appropriate ventilation system. These installers will account for the current square footage and setup of your home, ducting, volume of air that will travel among other things. Ventilation systems that are not appropriately sized for your home will be less energy efficient and perform poorly when exchanging or filtering air.

Mechanical ventilation is a low cost and efficient way to reduce household air quality issues without opening windows or doors. Mechanical ventilation is ideal for all climates and also filter air being exchanged to remove pollen, dust and other common air pollutants.

The first forced air ventilation system was developed in the late 18th and early 19th century. The belief at that time was that stagnant air spread illness. The system involved placing a fire near an air vent or hole which would force the exchange of air and increase air circulation.