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Learn about Insulated Stud

Insulated Stud

Insulated studs are a replacement for the traditional 2x6 stud used in framing. An insulated stud contains two boards separated by 2.5" of space for insulation. The open space can be pre-insulated at the factory with closed-cell foam, or builders and homeowners can add insulation during installation. Insulated studs add structural integrity and offer a solution to heat loss through home framing.

Traditional studs are a weak point in high-performance building because they have a low R-value, indicating they allow heat to transfer quickly. Insulated studs create an almost complete thermal break with the stud meaning virtually no heat can move through. If you select an insulated stud assembly without preinstalled insulation, the builder or homeowner can choose a preferred insulation type. In this scenario, it's essential to consult with the manufacturer about the best kind of insulation.

Studies found that thermally broken wall assemblies are 150% to 280% more efficient than traditional 2x6 framing.

While the number of studs for the average home decreases by 58 when using insulated studs, insulate studs also reduce the need for up to 200 lineal feet and 2,000 fasteners.