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Learn about Natural Stone Floors

Natural Stone Floors

Floor tiles made from natural stone such as slate, granite, sandstone, travertine, marble, and limestone. Natural stone is durable, spill-resistant, dent-resistant and easy to clean. It's particularly popular for kitchen and bathroom floors.

Try to find stone tile that is quarried in your region, as it is heavy to transport. Also ask your installer what materials they use for sealing the tiles - is the sealing material low-VOC?

Stone is naturally sourced and can be easily returned to the earth after it has been used. It has no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. It has great thermal mass, meaning it can absorb heat from the sun and the room to keep the room warm later on. On the down side, it can feel cool on the feet in winter, due to its high thermal conductivity. Stone is sourced from all over the world, and you might be able to find local sources, especially for granite and sandstone.

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, has stone floors that are still in good shape after more than 4,500 years. That's a durable floor!