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Learn about Outdoor Gardens

Outdoor Gardens

Either in raised beds or planted in the ground, a vegetable garden will provide fresh produce during the growing season.

Depends on what will work best in your yard. You might want to go with raised beds if you don't have good soil or if you prefer the plants being up off the ground. Build raised beds using natural, non-toxic and durable wood like cedar, hemlock, or tamarack, without wood preservatives that could get into your soil. If your soil is good, or you're planning on a large garden, planting directly in the ground might be the way to go. For help getting the garden started, look for to garden centres, landscaping contractors or community garden groups in your area.

Lets you grow your own seasonal fruits and vegetables, right in your backyard! Gives you the freshest possible food, in season, saving grocery costs and reducing the need to import fresh food.

Companion planting means planting different plants next to each other that help each other grow. A great example is the "Three Sisters" method, designed long ago by many indigenous communities in North and Central America. The three sisters are maize (corn), squash, and beans. Grown together in clumps, they are more successful than on their own.