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Learn about Prefabricated Modular Home

Prefabricated Modular Home

Prefabricated modular homes are houses that built off-site, typically in a factory, and delivered to the building site for final assembly. The factory built modules are either end-to-end, side-by-side, stacked or any combination based on the design. The modules are then tied together with inter-connections which keep the sections in place.

Prefabricated modular homes are generally more affordable than building a comparable custom home and are an excellent option for homeowners who want to reduce waste, reduce their carbon footprint, and complete the project faster. It's important to note that prefabricated modular homes are not mobile homes and must confirm to local building codes.

When gathering costs for your home, ensure that the quote includes assembly, transportation, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and all desired customization's. If not, be sure to add these to your final budget. Most prefabricated manufactures assemble the final product themselves or have a local building partner that will take over the project during the time of assembly. If not, look for a home builder that uses high-quality materials and takes pride in their building process. Be sure to research zoning limitations in your jurisdiction.

Prefab is already considered a “green” building method due to low waste and faster build time. Prefabs built to the Passive House, Net Zero or similar higher standards are of very high quality in terms of durability and energy efficiency, thus reducing your energy footprint.

In a study on the damage done by Hurricane Andrew in 2012, FEMA reported that modular homes fared better than traditional construction.