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Learn about Reclaimed Door

Reclaimed Door

Reclaimed doors are typically made of interior doors that are salvaged and repurposed from other homes or buildings, or other parts of your house. It can be as simple as repurposing an old door or making your door out of reclaimed parts and salvaged wood.

Common places to find reclaimed doors are from old century homes, buildings, and abandoned barns.

Reclaimed barn wood doors are a great example of a common reclaimed door project. Often turned into sliding barn wood doors, reclaimed doors or reclaimed wood turned into doors make great use of existing materials while offering aesthetic charm.

Often times reclaimed doors, especially older mid-century or older doors, are made of solid wood. This means a sturdier door, with better soundproofing capabilities than most new hollow-core doors.

Reclaimed doors come in all shapes and sizes and might not fit a standard sized door frame. Check to make sure that the door is made of a material like solid wood that can be cut to fit your frame, or plan to build a door frame that fits a reclaimed door.

Almost any piece of solid wood can be made into a door, mainly if being used as a sliding door, where a perfect fit isn’t always necessary. If you’re hunting for reclaimed wood from a demolition site, avoid toxic sealants, paints, and finishes, as these may not be suitable for reuse.

Using antique door hardware like hinges stops, latches or handles are all great uses for these otherwise discarded materials. Sliding door hardware is also a great way to showcase a reclaimed door, adding function and charm.

Repurposing a reclaimed door is an excellent way to save on new materials and can give a unique look to your home.

Reclaimed doors are also typically made from solid wood. They’re sturdy and will give you greater sound deadening qualities than most hollow core doors that are commonly found in homes today.

We can’t forget that wood is a natural resource - that means every board and block is a gift from the tree that was sacrificed in its production. That’s why choosing reusable, low carbon products are important, but also looking for opportunities to reuse natural resources rather than sending them to landfills.

The oldest door in England is made from oak trees and dates from 1050. It can be found in Westminster Abbey.