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Learn about Reclaimed Stair Railing

Reclaimed Stair Railing

Stairway banisters, railings and posts reclaimed from the demolition of older buildings. Using reclaimed materials conserves their value and gives a vintage look.

Demolition and salvage companies in your area may have beautiful pieces that you can use or have modified to fit your stairways. You can also look in online classified listings.

Makes use of existing materials, decreasing the need to cut new wood and to process waste wood.

The world's longest stairway has 11,674 steps and rises a height of 5,476 feet (1,669 m). It is the service access stairway for the Niesenbahn funicular railway in Switzerland. Once per year, there is a public run called the "Niesenlauf", up the stairway. The stairway has a railway right beside it, but no handrail.