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Learn about Reclaimed Wood Decking

Reclaimed Wood Decking

Reclaimed wood is recycled from another construction project, whether it be unused scraps or full-sized pieces from a tear-down. Unique and interesting decks can be made from a variety of reclaimed wood materials. Salvaged wood is another source - that is wood that has been recovered from urban tree trimming, or underwater.

When looking for wood to reclaim, search scrap piles post-construction, or find any old, unused wooden structure that may consist of material that can be reused. Old barns are a prime source. Look for good, solid wood materials, without signs of rot or mold. Also, wood with a minimum of nails in it is easier and safer to work with. For outdoor decking, where exposed to weather, look for naturally rot-resistant wood species like cedar, redwood, and tamarack. Avoid old painted wood, unless you can verify the paint does not contain lead.

Considering this material is 100% recycled, it is highly sustainable. Wood that may have normally been wasted at the end of a construction project can be repurposed and beautifully reclaimed to create your deck.

Two places in the world claim to host the world's largest deck chair - Winton, Australia, and Bournemouth, UK. Both chairs are immense, high enough to need a ladder or ropes to climb into, and spacious enough to seat more than 50 people.