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Learn about Refinished Bathtub

Refinished Bathtub

Refreshing an existing bathtub with a refinishing coat of epoxy, polyurethane, or polymers, to look beautiful and work well for another ten or so years.

Look for either do-it-yourself kits or hire a bathtub refinisher. Whoever does the work, the bathtub has to be scrubbed thoroughly to remove all oils and deposits so that the refinishing epoxy will stick. The epoxy contains volatile organic compounds, so wear gloves and use proper ventilation when working, and then leave the room for the curing time. Follow all the instructions and safety procedures.

Saves on the materials, energy, and cost of replacing a worn-out looking steel bathtub that may still have years of use left. It can allow you to conserve a classic older tub, like a clawfoot tub, that has vintage value. It also avoids destroying the tile surround and other parts of the bathroom to replace the tub.