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Learn about Rocket Mass Heater

Rocket Mass Heater

A rocket mass heater is a space heating system that uses a highly efficient wood burning rocket stove. Rocket mass heaters are considered a very efficient wood heating method, using 80%-90% less wood fuel than a traditional fireplace.

Rocket mass heaters are an efficient way to heat a home using woody biomass. They are a smart option if you have access to an abundant and affordable supply of wood. Rocket mass heaters work best if the system incorporates a large amount of thermal mass such as metal, stone, brick, or cob. This mass stores heat like a battery, and steadily releases it into the space it is warming. Horizontal exhaust vents, like those used in rocket mass heaters, aren’t compatible with all local building codes, so do your research before buying your building your own. Combustion heat sources like rocket mass heaters produce harmful carbon monoxide, so be sure that it is properly vented to the outdoors.

Rocket mass heaters can reduce the consumption of home heating fuel by 80-90% compared to conventional stoves.

Rocket mass heaters are known for being constructed from very affordable recycled materials. A rocket mass heater can be built for as little as $20 using re-claimed barrels, pipes, bricks, and other materials. There is a prominent DIY community online for curious and handy homeowners