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Learn about Salvaged Wood Countertop

Salvaged Wood Countertop

Countertops made from salvaged or reclaimed wood, for example recovered from the bottom of a lake, urban tree removal, or another building. Barn boards, whole salvaged logs, and even old solid wood doors can be made into beautiful countertops, with a rustic or new look!

Source the wood as locally as possible so you know the story of the wood and to reduce the energy required to transport it to the building site.

As well, look for wood with little or no previous finish on it, especially avoiding paints that may be lead-based. The wood countertop will need to be finished with a stain or oil to make it waterproof and long lasting.

Reusing wood reduces our impact on forest ecosystems and makes use of a waste product.

The City of Portland, Oregon, USA passed an ordinance in 2016 requiring all homes that are being demolished, that were built before 1916, to be deconstructed carefully so the materials can be reused. They expect to divert over 4,000 tons of waste from landfill per year with this new law.