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Learn about Sheep's Wool Batt Insulation

Sheep's Wool Batt Insulation

Sheep's wool batt insulation is insulation produced from sheep wool fibers that can be used in homes for thermal and acoustic purposes. Batts can be needle-punched and threaded with wool to maintains shape or held together with a recyclable adhesive and can be bought in the form of batts, rolls, or ropes.

Sheep's wool has a number of benefits. It's a high performing insulator, non-toxic, safe to install, has a longer lifespan the most alternatives and does not support mold growth. It's also 100% natural, renewable and sustainable. Sheep's wool insulation is available in batt or blown-in.

There are no known health issues associated with sheep's wool batt insulation, unlike some mineral wool products. Pricing, quality and fire resistance between manufacturers can vary greatly. If you are concerned about the total embodied energy it's important to understand where the wool was sourced and the manufacturing process.

Sheep's wool batt insulation is a sustainable and renewable product. It is 100% natural and requires very little energy to produce. Wool is also a keratin and therefore does not support mold growth.

The first recorded use of sheep's wool for insulation was by Mongolian nomads. They used felted or woven wool from sheep to insulation the floors and walls of their homes, called ger or yurts.

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