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Let's Build Better, Not Just on Earth Day. Everyday.

By Mika Solway Editor-In-Chief
Apr 22, 2021

Today is the 51st Earth Day. Last year, Rise wrote extensively about Earth Day's origins and offered ideas on celebrating it with your families and virtually. It is, undoubtedly, an important day. However, we strongly feel that prioritizing the environment at home is essential every day of the year, not just on April 22nd!

Green Home

Start Small

Are you overwhelmed by all the advice about sustainable homes? Don't know where to start? My advice is to start small. You don't need to overhaul your entire house at once. And, you don't need to know everything right at the start - there is so much to learn! 

There is such an abundance of changes and improvements we could make; if you try to do it all, you might just stop where you started. At Rise, we want to meet you where you are. We don't want to make you feel distressed about all that you haven't done. Every little step takes you closer to a healthier home with a smaller impact on your wallet.

Earth Day Goals

What Sustainable Home Improvement Projects Can You Start Today?

Many sustainable home improvements cost money and need lots of planning. Things like adding insulation to your attic to save on your heating bill, installing an HRV or ERV to improve your indoor air quality and health, or adding a rainwater harvesting system to reduce your water use. But luckily, some changes don't cost anything or need extensive planning. Consider options like:

  • Skip the trip to the garden store for pesticides. Your yard will be a healthier place to be for you, your family, and the earth and water beneath.  
  • Embrace the weeds! Some are good for you. AND weeds have deeper root systems than grass, meaning that they will need less watering and weather droughts better. 
  • Take steps to reduce your phantom power load. Phantom power is the energy wasted through chargers, TVs, lights, and appliances that drain power even when not in use.  
  • Book an energy audit. Audits let you know where you stand and help you to plan home improvements that will have the best bang for your buck.
  • Set some personal sustainability goals. Then, talk with your friends and family about making small changes at home, too. More awareness = more change.   

Rise's Impact

Rise Earth Day

Rise's Commitment

To create a better planet and future for all, we commit to giving back and look forward to growing our impact.

Earth Day 1 percent

That's why we joined 1% for the Planet in 2019. As a member, we have committed to giving back one percent of sales, not profits. So, whether we're profitable or not, we're giving back to our planet. Not just on Earth Day. Every day. 

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Mika Solway