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Learn about Solar Hot Water Space Heater

Solar Hot Water Space Heater

A solar heat collector that uses sunlight to heat water, that is then transferred to the interior of the building for space heating. The collectors can be flat plate collectors, evacuated tube collectors, or concentrated solar collectors. A system usually includes insulated hot water storage tanks to store heat for when it's needed. This kind of system works best with radiant hydronic heating if the required water temperature for heat distribution is relatively low, around 35 to 45 degrees Celsius (95 to 115 F).

You need a sunny wall or roof area that faces toward the equator (south in the northern hemisphere or north if you are in the southern hemisphere). Somewhat eastward or westward-facing will work reasonably well too. Look for a company with experience in combined heat and domestic hot water systems.

In winter, the sun is at a lower angle in the sky, so your solar collectors should be at a steep angle for good winter collection - even vertical works well. Note that a system needs to be reasonably large (typically at least 4 to 8 solar collector units working together) to provide sufficient heat in winter.

Then, in summer, you will have lots of extra warmth from the sun. It's important to consider taking advantage of that heat, including providing all your domestic hot water, plus a solar-heated (summer-only) hot tub, or a drying box for clothing, herbs, or food.

Provides clean, renewable heat energy from the sun, to heat your home with no emissions and no ongoing fuel cost.

China is the country with by far the most solar water heaters installed - 70% of the solar water heaters installed in the world are in China, a country with 'only' 18% of the world's population. (2016 figures)