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Learn about Storm Window

Storm Window

An exterior storm window is fastened to the outside of a standard window during storms or the winter season, offering insulation and protection.

An interior storm window can help with condensation and add insulation value. They are less expensive than exterior storm windows because they aren't engineered to provide protection. They are sometimes referred to as inserts, energy or invisible storm panels and are held in place magnetically, or by a compression seal.

Storm windows are often made from glass and rigid or flexible polycarbonate plastic.

Storm windows are available with both metal and wood frames. They can be factory-built or custom made to fit odd-sized windows. Operable windows are also available that can be opened during the summer months so that they don't need to be removed every spring.

Storm windows can save energy by decreasing air leakage, and they add window panes to reduce heat loss. They also protect the main window from weather, extending its lifespan.