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Learn about Thermally Modified Wood Siding

Thermally Modified Wood Siding

Thermally modified wood is natural wood that has been altered through a process of controlled pyrolysis (heating in the absence of oxygen), to make it more durable for outdoor use. Siding made from thermally modified wood will last longer with less maintenance, compared with raw wood.

Look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified wood sources for thermally modified wood. Thermally modified wood can be used in decking, fences, and other outdoor applications where non-toxic durability is required. Note that thermal treatment slightly decreases the bending strength of wood, so it may not be suitable for certain structural applications. Siding is a great application, as it doesn't require excellent bending strength.

Thermal treatment is non-toxic, and allows softwoods like spruce and pine, or even poplar, that are relatively abundant, to be used as durable siding without other chemical treatment or stain, reducing the overall environmental impact of siding. Thermal treatment requires energy input in manufacturing, but saves in the long run.