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Learn about Water Heater Tank Wrap

Water Heater Tank Wrap

Also called a tank blanket or jacket, water heater tank wraps are an extra layer of insulation that can enclose an oil, gas or electric hot water tank. They are typically made with fiberglass insulation with paper backing, but other insulation types such as denim and mineral wool can also be used.

Tank wrap comes in sizes to match different hot water tanks, so be sure to check the volume of the tank beforehand (typically 40 or 60 gallons). As well, tank wrap can come in different thicknesses with R-values ranging from 3 to 9.

Adding an extra layer of insulation to a hot water tank will reduce standby heat losses from the tank to the surrounding room, so that the heating element is engaged less often.

Tank insulation for commercial and industrial applications is made from a much wider range of materials such as fiberglass, cellular glass and mineral wool, capable of handling temperatures of up to 650 degrees Celsius!