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Learn about Whole Home Water Filter

Whole Home Water Filter

A whole-home water filtration system brings the convenience of an under-counter water filter to every faucet and even attached appliances after a single installation. Compared to other water filtration systems, the whole home water filters have a higher price point but often include additional filtration methods. Be sure to select a product that will benefit your household and filter the toxins found in your water toxin report. Since these filters are more complicated than countertop water filters, consider having a professional install your whole home water filtration system. While not needing replacements as often as countertop filters, follow the recommended maintenance and filter replacement schedule to maintain the product's ability to filter toxins efficiently.

When purchasing a whole home water filtration system, you must consider a few things as you select the correct product for your home and lifestyle. First, be sure that you choose a filter that suits your home and filters the toxins found in your water toxin report. Also, be sure that you have selected a whole home water filtration system with a flow rate and filter appropriate for the size of the household. Next, ensure that your product has a rating under the NSF International (NSF) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) filtration system standards. These standards rate how well the product filters aesthetic effects (like taste or odor), health effects, and emerging compounds and incidental contaminants. Finally, consider a product with a warranty that protects the homeowner from product flaws.

When installing a whole home water filtration system, its primary use is not to improve the sustainability of the household. The purpose of whole home water filtration systems is to filter unpleasant and potentially dangerous toxins from the household water supply. Adding this water filtration system adds an annual cost for filter replacement, which generates some degree of waste requiring disposal. That said, if you find yourself consuming bottled water regularly or having to drain away water because of sediment or flavor, this system can reduce waste.

Whole home water filters improve the quality of water in your home by removing harmful bacteria, chlorine, lead, minerals, calcium, and carcinogens. The first water filter was created around 5000 B.C. by Hippocrates using a simple cloth filter.