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LA Passive House

LA's First Ever Passive House

By Rise
Apr 25, 2019

Passive House is an easy to understand building standard that takes home energy efficiency to a whole new level using 5 building standards that are explained in this video.

With all the beautiful weather LA has to offer, why would anyone ever think of building a home by the most airtight building standard in the world? Xavier Gaucher lives and breathes Passive House so it only makes sense that he would build LA’s first ever passive house.

Rise’s own Matt Daigle met up with Xavier and his wife Shelly at their home, and from the moment you walk into the house, it is clear that something is different. For one, as soon as the door closes behind you, all of the LA noise no longer seems to exist. The freeway traffic, the people, the helicopters...gone. You are simply left with a comfortable silence. This, of course, is due to the airtightness of the house which is one of the five Passive House Principles:

Principle #1: Continuous, Super-Insulation Discontinues Thermal Bridges that Affect Energy Efficiency

Principle #2: Airtight Construction Will Stop Heat Loss and Moisture Accumulation

Principle #3: Energy Efficient and Optimized Windows are Designed to let Heat into the Home only when you want it.

Principle #4: Balanced Ventilation Offers Healthy, Fresh Air while also Controlling Moisture Issues

Principle #5: Minimal Mechanical Heating and Cooling is a Priority

Affordable, high-efficiency house

Comfort. Energy Efficiency. Affordability. These were all at the top of the priority list while designing the house, with the main goal of keeping the cost as low as possible. They wanted this house to inspire others and to confirm that you can have an affordable, high-efficiency house.

The house is so efficient, that they actually had a $250 energy credit after the first year. The annual electricity consumption is less than the annual production with only using 12 solar panels on the roof of the 2,000 sq. ft. house, reaching the Net Zero goal.

The kitchen has all electric appliances, including an induction stovetop. The heat pump clothes dryer means there is no air vent needed, and the heat pump water heater draws heat from the ambient air in the house to heat water for uses such as showering and dishwashing.

It’s clear to see why Xavier believes that Passive House is the new path for the building industry as the most efficient way of building houses. As he says, it’s science.

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