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Learn about Brick Siding

Brick Siding

Brick and mortar is a durable cladding option that can be installed over wall sheathing such as plywood or rigid insulation.

Look for manufacturers that use local or recycled materials and are using alternatives to fossil fuels to power their manufacturing facilities. Some manufacturers are attempting to make bricks out of alternative materials such as fly ash, a by-product of coal-burning power plants. Some innovative, low-embodied energy products hold an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Brick has long been used in the building industry and is a proven and durable material made from natural materials. It also requires relatively low maintenance and doesn't need painting. On the down side, brick and mortar take a lot of energy to produce, due to the high temperatures required for kiln firing the bricks and cement. However, the long life associated with brick siding can help to mitigate the high manufacturing energy cost. Also, the airspace between the bricks and the wall sheathing can add to the insulation value and soundproofing of the wall.

An indentation on the surface of some bricks is called a frog! The origins of this name are debatable but it may have to do with the shape of this indentation in early bricks.