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Learn about Dishwasher


These dishwashers use advanced technology like soil sensors, improved water filtration, innovative dish rack designs and energy efficient jets that result in less energy and water usage - especially compared with dishwashers manufactured prior to 1994.

Check for the Energy Star label, and the yellow Energy Guide Label for most efficient models. You can find the most efficient dishwashers of the year on the Energy Star Most Efficient list. These are the best of the best for energy and water savings.

Standard capacity dishwashers models hold more than eight place settings and six serving pieces. When deciding between standard and compact, keep in mind that operating a smaller model more frequently may use more energy over time than a standard model.

Look for dishwashers with multiple washing options. For lightly soiled dishes, you can use a light or energy-saving cycle, which uses less water and takes less time.

An Energy Star dishwasher will consume less energy and water than regular models; and, reduced hot water consumption will also save energy for water heating, magnifying your savings.

Josephine Cochrane invented the first reliable hand-cranked dishwashing machine in 1887. She built it in her tool shed in Shelbyville, Illinois, USA, and unveiled it at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.