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Learn about Formaldehyde-free MDF cabinet

Formaldehyde-free MDF cabinet

Medium-density Fibreboard (MDF) is a wood product made from compressed wood fibres and resin, that is used in cabinets, furniture, paneling and architectural woodwork. The formaldehyde-free brands are better for indoor air quality because they cause much less off-gassing of formaldehyde, an indoor air pollutant with significant health risks.

Look for FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification, for assurance that forest products have been sustainably harvested. Check for formaldehyde-free brands.

MDF is often made from waste sawdust and wood chips produced during wood processing, so it makes efficient use of forest products.

The early inspiration for MDF board, a hardboard product now called Masonite, was invented accidentally by William H. Mason in 1925. He was attempting to make insulation boards from waste wood chips and forgot to turn off the press at lunchtime. When he got back, the board was pressed flat and as hard as wood, spawning a new product line.