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Learn about Indoor Gardens

Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens are systems for growing food and flowers inside your home. With an indoor garden, you can have fresh vegetables and herbs right in your kitchen at any time of year.

Look for systems that are easy to set up and use, with features like automated watering, lighting, and adjustable shelf heights. You can also create your indoor garden, by building racks near a window, with supplementary energy-efficient lighting and using plant trays.

It makes it simple for you to produce your fresh vegetables and herbs in all seasons, and eat more fresh, healthy food.

Vertical indoor food production is becoming a popular thing. There are dozens of start-up and small companies offering automated systems for producing salad ingredients on-the-spot, just-in-time, right in your kitchen. Everything from simple stacking pots to shelves with lights, to something that literally looks like an in-counter bar fridge but that is actually growing your salad for you. When you taste greens that have been harvested ten seconds ago, you'll like the difference!