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Learn about Induction Range

Induction Range

An induction cooking device uses electro-magnetic induction to generate heat in the cooking pot or pan. The element itself is relatively cool to the touch. The pot or pan must be made of a material that is attracted to magnets, like cast iron or magnetic stainless steel.

A range typically includes both a stovetop and an oven, but only the stovetop is induction while the oven has regular electric resistance heating elements.

You will need induction-compatible cookware. Glass pots and pans don't work with induction, but cast iron and magnetic stainless steelwork. Sometimes the bottom of the cookware will have an 'induction' label.

Induction elements offer fast cooking times, and are safer because they are less hot to the touch than regular elements. Like all electric elements, they emit no combustion gases in your home, and are more energy efficient than gas ranges. They also have a glass cover that is easy to clean.

Induction cooking has similar efficiency to electric coil elements (between 70% and 80%), but induction efficiency is not affected by the size of the pot on the element. Electric coil elements have drastically reduced efficiency if you use a pot that is smaller than the element. So if you tend to use pots that are much smaller than the element, induction cooking may be for you!